Wedding fayre season is almost over and most couples have their entertainment booked for 2017/18.
Whilst I was exhibiting at some of the fayres I was surprised to meet so many couples that had not already booked their entertainment for this year let alone next year.
I remember when i started in the business you would have read on Wedding “ to do lists” , book your Entertainment 6-8 months before the big day.
Should it be an established DJ or Live Band you would be advised to be booking any this from 16 months to 2 years ahead of your Wedding.
I have notice of late that a lot of people are choosing a DJ for their party rather than a live band, there are several reasons for this but mainly it comes down to budget.
Some couples are requesting package deals, i can offer a photo booth and dance floor, these are sub contracted from another supplier, these are not my own and I never try to lead couples into believing they are.
Im finding also that more and more couples are wanting to meet with me before the Wedding to discuss details for the night, this especially with website and social media bookings which I’m happy to do.
I keep reminding people that when they are booking a disco for their Wedding entertainment please check out your DJ, his set up, presentation style on the microphone and sound quality of the audio.
Many people to be a DJ all you have to do is buy a laptop and controller, its one of those cliches “Anyone can do that” when in fact not everyone can do it.
Some people think its a case of pushing a few buttons, for some thats the case but for me and some of my colleagues that is def not the case.
Some venues are now asking that the entertainment supplier carries PLI ( Public liability insurance) and their equipment is PAT Tested (Portable appliance Testing) certificates and that they produce them before or on arrival to the venue.
This is something you don’t want to have to worry about or feel is your problem, which really its not but if you use a Professional DJ you can be assured that he/she will have this in place.
Imaging the night of your Wedding the DJ turning up and not being able to play because they hadn’t the correct legal requirements.

“If you think a Professional DJ is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur”