When booking your entertainment these days for your big day there is just so much on offer.
Should it be the Disco,Band or other forms of Entertainment ,but is the one you have booked suitable for your venue?
You have booked the most amazing venue, you have picked your dress and all the finer details and they are just perfect, you have booked your DJ but NOT been to see him/her in action.
This is where problems can occur,you have booked a large room for your Wedding reception and a DJ arrives with a small set of speaker, not powerful enough to fill the room so the music is being blasted at full volume to try and fill the room.
It is essential that you hear how your DJ is going to sound at your Wedding, is he going to have a powerful enough PA system to accommodate the size of your room.
I have spoke to so many people who have been married and they said that the DJ didn’t use the microphone and if he did they couldn’t understand what he was saying because the sound was distorted, you really can’t afford to have this happen on the night of your wedding.
If you are booking a DJ for your Wedding they should be able to arrange you to come and view them at a gig they are playing at.
There are a lot of DJs out there that offer cheap prices but sometimes this can come with a cheap service, as mentioned above.
I always accommodate a couple who wish to come and “try before they buy”
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