Before you read this I want to state that this is NOT the case with some bands who offer this but believe me it is with most.


So you are looking for a Band & DJ for your Wedding and you see the perfect solution on a advert…..Book this Band and get your Disco…..FREE..

Now theres few things that are really free, and if they are for free its free for a reason.

From my experience of bands offering this package here is what you are getting.. for free.

A band member who has got an iPod/laptop with all the big hits, not the odd song that some of your guests would like to hear that wasn’t a massive hit but is still very popular i.e. a song from the Drifters, Barry White etc, they will only carry the BIG hits.

This band member will not be using a microphone because he stands at the back of the band playing the bass guitar and doesn’t sing so he isn’t going to be visual on stage for your disco as maybe is to shy to use the mic.

Bands use lights that shine on to the stage to light up the band, these lights are called Power Cans, these are stage lights not effect lighting and they will not be lighting up your dance floor.

Whilst your “Free” disco is happening the other band members will likely be on stage taking down the equipment and be in quite a rush to get home, and why shouldn’t they be they have done their job.

These are just a few thing for you to consider when offered the package of band providing disco, as I say some bands do employ a professional DJ with a roadshow to their package but being honest most don’t.

Bands selling this package will tell you that their idea saves time of set up from band to disco as they will start the disco straight away.

I provide a roadshow, I set up the same time as your band and I provide lighting for your dance floor whilst the band are playing if they  don’t