Congratulations on your Engagement.

Wedding “to do” lists used to say book your Entertainment 3-6 months before your big day,thats no longer the case.

If your looking to book a good band or DJ for your Wedding you need to be booking them 12-18 months in advance,yes that early.

Its important that when choosing entertainment to remember that you really have to cater for all of your guests, yes its your big day but  when it comes to the music it really isn’t “all about you”.

Meeting with your your Band/DJ to discuss the songs for the evening is always a good idea, a DJ can cover every era where as it isn’t that simple for a band,they normally can supply a playlist.

When we first meet I will give u several options of how we can approach the music on the night of your Wedding, by all means I’m very happy to play the song you suggest (within reason),

If your booking a band I will arrive at the same time as them, set up alongside them and play background music before they start an during buffet thats all included in my price.

Most bands,not all but most don’t have effect lighting to light up the dance floor,same applies for most venues so you can imagine your dancing under standard dimmed lighting, not really the party atmosphere for a Wedding party I hear you say, when you book me for your disco I use my lights to create the atmosphere even whilst the band is playing.

Recently Bride & Groom first dances have become a mash up of songs put together to make the dance differnet from the norm, I can put this mash up together for you at no extra charge, i can even supply you with some samples.

I now have a facilty set up through this site that your Wedding Guests can request a song to be played on the night.

To book with confidence.