Normally things are cheap for a reason,and budget Wedding DJ’s are no different.

I have seen so many pictures of Wedding receptions on social media and  there is the disco on the stage,or in the corner with a very poor lighting display, using a hotel table to set equipment on and speaker that aren’t powerful enough to fill the reception room resulting in a distorted music being played.

Will your budget DJ have a back up system in place should there be any failure with his CD/players/Vinyl/Laptop, the answer is probably no.

Do they have Insurance in place should a guest knock over a speaker, spill a drink on the disco equipment, the answer is probably no.

Do they carry an “Access NI” cert that proves they have been certified safe to work with children and had their background screened by Police, again the answer is probably no.

Thats why your better paying the extra for a Professional DJ like myself.

I carry all of the above back up equipment and I have all the relevent Certificates .

My PA and Lighting system are of the highest standard with 86 Weddings in 2016 I must be doing something right.

For your big day don’t settle for anything less than the best!

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